A Guide to Prenatal Care for your Pregnant Dogs

Similar to humans, proper prenatal care for dogs helps improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Caring for a pregnant dog includes prenatal checkups and making sure she receives proper nutrition. Prenatal checkups are important to ensure your momma dog is healthy and help set her up for a successful pregnancy, while proper nutrition helps meet your pregnant dog’s increased nutritional needs.

Essential Nutrients for Pregnant Dogs

Pregnant dogs have elevated nutritional requirements and energy needs, which is why prenatal vitamins for dogs are so important. A supplement can help cover nutritional gaps in your dog’s diet and help support the needs of developing puppies. Here are a few important nutrients for pregnant dogs:

  • Folic Acid plays an important role in the production of red blood cells and helps aid in the metabolism of amino acids. It also helps support healthy fetal development. It is linked to the development and function of central nervous tissue and vision.
  • Iron helps in preventing anemia.
  • Vitamin B12 plays an important role in normal cell division, plus it’s essential for the development of the central nervous system. Vitamin B12 deficiency in humans is often associated with birth defects.
  • Zinc is needed for cell division, tissue growth, and normal fetal development.

Bitch Pills: A Prenatal Supplement for Dogs

Bitch Pills, Earlier Thomas Labs Bitch pills, is super healthcare solutions for pets including solutions for breeding, pregnancy, whelping, and lactation. We understand that proper nutrition is crucial during pregnancy to help ensure a healthy mom and puppies.

These prenatal supplements for dogs have been developed, as all-in-one prenatal supplement for dogs that supports female dogs prior to breeding and throughout pregnancy, nursing, and weaning. With the help of essential vitamins, minerals, and micro nutrients, this prenatal for dogs helps support a healthy pregnancy and newborn development.

How to Care for Your Pregnant Dog?

Prenatal care for dogs may seem overwhelming at first, but focusing on proper nutrition and prenatal checkups are great first steps!

Caring for pregnant dogs is important for the health and nutrition of the dog and her puppies. Feed the pregnant dog premium adult food that is high in protein, fat, and minerals. The pregnant dog’s eating needs will increase about one and a half times the normal rate, so you may need to purchase more food for pregnant dogs.

Proper veterinarian care should be taken care of. She should be given a proper diet with supplements so that there could be no deficiency of vitamins and minerals to her. Proper caring for a pregnant dog is essential to a successful breeding process. The puppies in her stomach also need a lot of high nutrients and minerals to grow and to support this need we have to feed the mother with high-quality supplements for the better development of the puppies and a smoother whelping period of the mother.

She will need extra food at this time so please don’t withhold food from her. In this situation give her as much comfort as possible, physically and mentally both.

All 55 to 72 days of her pregnancy are to be taken care of very crucially so that the dog can deliver healthy puppies and also have enough strength for her own recovery.

Bitch Pills can help the dog throughout the gestation. Buy these online at Lots of Love Pet Products.

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